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- Repeat the process to make the second truss after the first one dries
- Case managers are invaluable to Angel MedFlight
- The cotton ball will help you to dip the right amount of glue
- The second is related to the physical conditions of the courses tour pros play
- The point here is outlook.

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Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance has a very special relationship with case managers. They are often the bridge between patients in need of air medical transportation and our company. Much like our team at Angel MedFlight, case managers act as patient advocates. Whether it’s a medical flight, X-rays, or prescriptions, the case manager navigates through all the paperwork and red tape. Case managers are dedicated, compassionate workers and we salute them during National Case Management Week (NCMW).
According to the Case Management Society of American (CMSA), plans for National Case Management Week began in 1998 and was first celebrated a year later on October 10. The date was chosen in honor of the association's establishment on October 10, 1990. It was then decided later to mark the second full week in October as National Case Management Week. Other organizations began to establish their own NCMW celebrations, but the CMSA approached them about unifying the annual event and celebrating it during the same week. Over the years several lawmakers on the city and state levels have recognized NCMW, but just last month, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring the week of Oct. 13-19 as "National Case Management Week." Senators Mark Pryor, D-Ark., and John Boozman, R-Ark., introduced the resolution this summer through a collaborative effort between the American Case Management Association (ACMA) and the CMSA.
"Case managers are vital to the health care system. I was proud to join Senator Boozman to introduce this legislation and give these individuals the recognition they deserve," said Pryor. CMSA President, Nancy Skinner was happy to see NCMW receive recognition on a national level saying, "Case management and care coordination are a vital aspect of health care delivery in America. Yet, too few consumers understand the important role case managers play. With this action, the United States Senate brings richly deserved recognition to the practice and may assist us in moving from the shadows of health care delivery to the full understanding of the advocacy and care coordination roles that case managers offer." ACMA President Sharon Mass points out how the role of case managers will become even more important with the changes in health care. "As health care continues its transformation, case management has become even more essential to the care process. National Case Management Week is an opportunity to recognize the dedication, compassion, and outcomes achieved by case managers."
Case managers are invaluable to Angel MedFlight as they streamline the process when a patient is in need. We value their work and simplify the process of coordinating a medical flight with our team of highly qualified flight coordinators. By providing them this assistance, case Metalized film Suppliers managers are able to focus more on their patients. Angel MedFlight joins in the celebration of National Case Management week and hopes that others will learn more about case managers' commitment to patient advocacy and improving health care.

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- The second is related to the physical conditions of the courses tour pros play

- The point here is outlook.

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